Monday, April 23, 2012

Growing up

I once read in an article about blogging that posting excuses or even an acknowledgement of a long gap between posts is a terrible idea--an amateurish. This blog is far too professional for that sort of content. Let me just say that I have been in serious need of motivation. I haven't even felt fully awake in months.

Jack got a sled for Christmas!
Today was a nice day. The sun felt pretty incredible on my ghostly white skin. I'm not at all sad that winter is over--I spent most of my days this past winter stuck inside the freezing cold showroom at Nissan of Fife (the thermostat was locked at 62 degrees, and near the windows, of which there are many, I doubt the temperature regularly got above 60, and I was stuck wearing a suit every day). It has been nice spending time outside again. My backyard is once again my favorite place to be.

Jack is growing up fast. He is becoming his own unique person. He makes me laugh all the time.

15 months old
The picture above is my current favorite picture of Jack. It was taken at our friends' cabin near Lake Wenatchee about a week ago. We had a nice time. Except for Jack and Brittany both getting sick. Illness aside, it was a relaxing weekend.