Monday, July 29, 2013

Paradise Squandered, Third Edition

Paradise Squandered: a novel by Alex Stefansson

What do you all think of my new cover?

The third edition of Paradise Squandered has a brand new cover that I'm really proud to have attached to my book. It was designed by a very talented graphic designer and writer named Sarah Richards. She lives in Chicago. And she posts on her blog more frequently than I do.

The actual content of the book hasn't really changed that much. A few parts have been made more clear. And some purple prose has been cut out. Minor grammar and punctuation errors have been fixed, and I finally figured out hot to fix a few awkward bits that I kept re-writing over and over again when I was working on finishing the book originally.

I'm really proud of the new edition. I finally feel like my book is complete.

The new edition of Paradise Squandered is now available in both eBook and paperback formats! You can find it pretty much anywhere online. It's a pretty big deal. There's more information on the recently updated Paradise Squandered page of this blog.