Friday, August 2, 2013

Give it away now

Paradise Squandered, Third Edition
I apologize for the corniness of the title of this post. Please forgive me. I couldn't help myself.

I'm giving away a SIGNED paperback copy of the Third Edition of Paradise Squandered. You know, the controversial, groundbreaking novel that recently ignited a media firestorm:
"Sexual frustration, marijuana smoking, underage drinking, house parties, driving way too fast… This book honestly captures what it's like to be an angry 18 year old searching for what is real and important in life through trial and error."
"Stefansson has written a literary masterpiece, this generation's Catcher in the Rye. He has a unique ability to capture the feelings of angst that many young people experience while transitioning to adulthood."
"Paradise squandered is unlike anything I have EVER read before. I really believed that the vast majority of people, will in fact be able To relate to this novel."
"Yeah, I read it..."
Enter to win, and you might discover just how terrible my signature is.

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Paradise Squandered by Alex Stefansson

Paradise Squandered

by Alex Stefansson

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