Thursday, September 23, 2010


Brittany and I are in Kaua'i. I've been reading Breakfast of Champions to Brittany and Jack. I'm a little worried that he's going to become a huge racist. I'm not sure he's able to pick up on some of the subtler points yet. Maybe he can. He seems to be pretty smart for a fetus.

Anyway, it's been mostly sunny. This is the view from our deck at the Mokihana:

Here is a picture of what Brittany ate for dinner Wednesday night:

I ate the same thing. It was delicious. We bought organic salad greens with edible flowers and dill from the Kapa'a farmer's market, along with carrots, papaya, key limes, a lemon, a young coconut, a huge avocado and a Hawaiian hot pepper that made me cry just a little bit. After I ate it, I looked like this:

We've just been hanging out around Kapa'a since we arrived on the island the other night. We've done a lot of walking. Here's Brittany and Jack in front of some flowers by the Taco Bell drive-thru:

I've taken a lot of flower pictures around the Mokihana. Here's one:

The birds and the bees seem to like buzzing around the top of this very odd tree with branches covered in seed pods or clusters of berries that branch out from the top like antennae. It's right next to the door to our room.

We've seen 147 chickens since we got here. I'll photograph some of them tomorrow.

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