Thursday, April 22, 2010

Federal agent

It's warm enough outside right now for me to comfortably sit at a table at my apartment building's patio without having to wear a parka or winter hat, or anything at all made of wool. It's getting dark enough that I am beginning to be able to see the words that I'm typing on my laptop.

I've been outside for the past couple hours because inside, the whole building smells like sulfur. I'm not sure what went on earlier today on the Tacoma tide flats, but whatever took place stunk up all of downtown; it's very unfortunate that the wind has been blowing northeast all afternoon. Now the stink is stuck inside.

I am now officially a federal employee. I'll get a badge soon, or at least an official ID, probably on a lanyard. Now I can scream, “federal agent,” when I knock on people's doors, just like Mulder and Scully. Maybe not; I'm not entirely sure what this census work entails. I've only had one day of training. I guess I will find out the details next week as I will be training every day, Monday through Friday.

I'm still working at the New Frontier. I'm going to try to juggle both jobs. I may even write an article or two, if inspiration strikes. Or if I think of an easy article idea. I wrote this article yesterday. And, surprise, it is actually relevant to people who live outside of Tacoma.

Tomorrow I work at the New Frontier. It will be the first of at least ten straight work days. Sigh.

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