Sunday, February 14, 2010

Crazy man

Food is expensive on Kaua'i. Everything that isn't produced here has to get shipped in from at least half way across the ocean. Here's Brittany with what's left of her lunch.

Brittany wanted me to take a picture of this handsome rooster for her mother. Sorry Mary, we can't bring him home with us. Same goes for the baby goats for sale down the road. And the plants, and the trees. No rocks either. Sorry.

This is me, pre-coffee, mid-yawn. We've eaten breakfast at Kounry Kitchen twice now. Brittany is obsessed with their macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup. It's too bad we can't bring any of those home either.

Here's another picture of Brittany debating whether or not to eat something else she found on the beach. This picture was taken on our way back from Kountry Kitchen, right after we got done talking to a crazy man who was fishing for something. He asked if we wanted to go somewhere with him. We said no. Then he asked us what our state flower was. After I told him, he stared telling us all sorts of trivia about Washington state. He actually knew a lot of stuff. Then he tried to get us to go somewhere with him again. Then we ran away.

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