Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sleeping Giant

Here's a picture of me right after we finished hiking four miles to the top of the mountain behind me: the Sleeping Giant. We walked right across his chest. We would have brought our camera to the top, but right after we arrived, two other groups of hikers showed up, and we wanted to stay ahead of them. It didn't quite work; we ran into an old man who had to tell us all about the trail. He broke it all down, by the quarter mile, explaining exactly where each quarter mile marker used to be. It wasn't very helpful. But he meant well.

Here's Brittany on the deck of our new room, with a delicious plate of food she prepared for us. It was very good. And we drank a lot of rum.

Then we crossed the Kapa'a river, and went searching for beach treasure for a while. Since Brittany had had a lot of rum, this is as deep as she was allowed to go.

She found some green coral (and almost stepped on it). That would have hurt. Tomorrow we are going to eat local Papaya, yogurt and granola for breakfast, body surf at Wailua and have dinner and rum in Old Town Koloa for our 1 and 2/3rd year anniversary! We miss our family and our wonderful kitty, A.D.Skinner, but we know that Brittany's brother, Jonathan, is having a nice time with him and making sure he stays out of serious trouble. Love to all, Alex and Brittany

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