Monday, June 10, 2013

Master Heg Robinson - Telekinesis Demonstration

As this video clearly illustrates, Heg Robinson is a tele-kenetic master.

I am genuinely interested in understanding what is happening in this video. If anyone reading this has any insight into this, please post a comment.

I came across this video while attempting to do research for a writing project I've been working on. I blogged about this the other day: When a Ghost Becomes a Vampire. This video was not the slightest bit helpful in that regard, but I'm not disappointed I happened upon it.

I've always been quite curious about the roots of peoples' actions that the majority of society immediately perceive as crazy. In fact, some of the more bizarre things I've witnessed have inspired me to write. But I feel like I have often been too quick to judge and make fun of these things. I'm trying hard not to act this way anymore. I'm trying to be more constructive and less cynical.

As a writer, I've found myself constantly questioning the value of the words and images I choose to share. I've come to appreciate the courage (or ignorance, or vanity) it takes to put one's own "art" out there for anyone to judge.

I have also, more recently, started to realize and appreciate the difficulty involved in writing a fair review of other people's work. Paradise Squandered, my debut novel, has been out for a while now and has received a fair number or reviews, most of them overwhelmingly positive. But there have been critical reviews of my book as well. The most thoughtful critical review of my book thus far was written by Paul Cosca: REVIEW: Paradise Squandered.

When I began reading this review for the first time, I started to cringe. I worried that Paul's characterization of my protagonist as a "hipster" that he hated and couldn't sympathize with meant that he hated my book as well. As I continued reading, I was relieved to realize that this wasn't the case, and that he actually really liked my book. 

I was impressed by Paul's ability to separate his negative feelings toward my protagonist from his assessment of other aspects of my book.

I recently began writing reviews of other peoples' work. I feel like it is only fair for me to reciprocate in this way. But taking the time to formulate a coherent, honest review is a lot tougher than I expected it to be. So, to everyone who has taken the time to review my work, thank you.


  1. I watched this video twice, but I still don't understand anything about it. Quite weird.

  2. Alex, your attempt at being sensitive is noble, but it also can be dangerous. The video of the "Master" is an out-and-out fraud. He is a liar, and his poor student, who I would bet money has experienced serious trauma growing up, is his accomplice. It's a classic "master-slave" situation, a relationship they have forged in which she makes him look supernatural, and thus, makes herself look supernatural. As someone who has studied martial arts for 40 years and tai chi for 25, let's have the integrity to call something a fraud when it is, okay? Any other reaction gives these con artists an excuse to continue fleecing people like her.

  3. Interesting. What makes you think the video is a fraud? How can you be so sure. Inexperienced people often say "fraud" due to skepticism and denial. Is that fraud as well?
    The "conscious energy" (chi, qi, ki, prana, ectoplasm, etc) has all sorts of applications. What is fraud here? him not using energy or him doing something different from telekinesis?

  4. I'll offer to smack him square in the chops and see if his amazing telekenisis can help.
    It won't. This is pure bullshit and you have to be silly to not see it as such.

    If he did this in the street on a stranger you might have some claim.
    Be realistic and see this for what it is...fraud.