Friday, May 17, 2013

REVIEW: Paradise Squandered

Writer and critic Paul Cosca recently posted a review of Paradise Squandered on his website.
It would be an unfair generalization to say that the word “hipster” came to mind often while reading the book. I suppose it would be more apt to say that I truly detest those who like to think they are more intellectual than they really are by shooting down other’s ideas with big, borrowed words. I detest those that talk about art and philosophy in vague terms while not actually contributing anything artistic or philosophical. I detest those who seem to float around without even making the slightest effort in finding some kind of direction, and those who play the “tortured artist” card without either having gone through anything tortuous or producing anything original and artistic. This is Andrew in a nutshell. I hate him. It doesn't mean walking through his head wasn't an interesting experience, but I still have no more sympathy for these kinds of people now than when I began the book.
Despite Paul's apparent hatred of hipsters and my protagonist, he still gave Paradise Squandered an A- rating.

Check out the full review on Paul Cosca's website.

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