Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Paradise Squandered featured at The Creative Forum

Paradise Squandered is the featured book today at The Creative Forum! Included in the feature is a never-before-seen excerpt from the novel. Here's an excerpt from the excerpt:
I shift into neutral, kill the engine and start coasting through the last few blocks of eerily-silent residential streets, running stop signs, not wanting to disturb anyone or alert anyone to my presence. The wharf is in sight, barely lit by the waning moon and my approaching headlights. It's all downhill from here. I switch off the headlights and stop the car behind an overflowing dumpster. The air coming through the heater-vents is already growing cold again, I notice as I set the emergency brake; I was just starting to warm up, too. I can see my breath every time I exhale. The windows begin to fog up again. I pull the key out of the ignition, open the door and step out into the cold night air. Read more.
While you're there, I highly recommend reading The Beach Man series. The concept for this series is great: a series of 400 word stories. The 4th installment was just posted on Monday, so it won't take long to get caught up.

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  1. That sounds interesting. I wish you the best.
    The cover is really good. Amazing photo.
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    1. Thanks for the feedback, Athina. I'm now following your blog as well.