Friday, May 24, 2013

Steve Holt!

Steve Holt (aka Justin Wade) is so excited about the upcoming season of Arrested Development that he is throwing a party at his LA apartment this Sunday. Annyong will be there. I just read an article about it. See for yourself:

Throwing EPIC 'Arrested Development' Party

I'm pretty excited about Season 4 also, but my plans for this Sunday are far less ambitious (I'll be spending some quality time with my couch). I'm also kinda nervous, though. The first 3 Seasons set the bar pretty high. What if Season 4 sucks? I guess I'll have to take my chances (and maybe have a few beers).

Mitch Hurwitz Explains His Arrested Development Rules: Watch New Episodes in Order, and Not All at Once

So, I guess the original concept for Season 4 was that the episodes were meant to be able to be watched in any order. Sort of like a choose your own adventure book. Except good. And with far less reading required. (Really, who reads in this day and age?)

But I guess Mr. Hurwitz changed his mind after production ended.
Our brains like to make stories out of things and that requires order. I pretty quickly realized everything here is about the order of telling the stories, that there will be shows where you find out a little bit of information and then later shows where you revisit the scene and you find out more information — and that’s not fun in reverse. Read more
He also suggests that binge watching isn't the way to go.
Don’t feel obligated to watch it all at once. It’s a comedy! It’s not like Lord of the Rings. Comedy takes a lot out of you.
Which is the complete opposite of what Gob, I mean Will Arnett, said in a Rolling Stone interview.
I think you just gotta hit play and don't stop until you run out of battery on your viewing device.
I'll probably be following Gob's advice here. (When has that ever turned out well?)

Check out the official Arrested Development Season 4 trailer:

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